Amute new album "Bending Time in Waves" is released on the 05.02.2016 through Humpty Dumpt

It's with a very big pleasure that I want to announce you that my sixth record "Bending Time In Waves" will be out in a few days. It's an album that I really enjoyed composing and producting.

I've been happy while making every glimpse of it.

I would like to personnaly thank the following persons :

- Eric Craven for being part of my musical life for so long, I would have never thought that one day we would collaborate on something together.

- Thècle Joussaud & Geoffroy Heyne who are both my live roomates.

- Peter Hollo, Georffroy Heyne (again) & Thomas Denver Jonsson.

- Remy Lebbos @ Rare Sound Studio for the mastering.

- Of course : David Borsu and all the magical paintings he created for this album.

- Christophe Hars @ Humpty Dumpty Records.

- Mathieu Lambin for his video work.

- Jeuc Dietrich for his long time collaboration.

- Nathalie Papillon.

- My family & friends.

You can find the trailer for the new album here :

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